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16 June 03


Thanks for the Comm Team information Stoney.

17 July 2008

An E-mail From Mel Lehto, let's see if we can help him get in touch with his friends......Carl

Looking at some of the pictures. In the picture of the old battle staff EC135 photo "ec 135-old.jpm" ....For your info in the back ground of the picture...that is me standing behind Reios and Gregerson..I was working with them to learn the SAC communication system ...I don't know how many of  the original 10 R.O.'s are left..Al Hurst are first NCOIC is no longer with us...I can name some others....Do you know who is left???

I will be 85 in Oct.....I was with the Air Borne Command Post...from Julu 1960 to March 31,1967 when I retired...I went to work for Boeing in Seattle...Had a nice job in the radio support group in Flight Test...I got to travel with all the new A/C being flight tested....Al Hurst and family came over to see me at Edwards A.F.B.....I spent a lot of time at Edwards with various A/C...I traveled a lot..Most interesting trip was to South America...Got to see Ray Wilson in Florida..We were using the NASA runway for some testing we were doing...Very hot and humid..You needed pliers to unzip your pants.. retired from Boeing in the summer of 1984...Spent 17 years in a retirement community in Az. called Sun Lakes.....At the present time we are living with our daughter here in Indianapolis...We had a nice Apt. but she wanted us with her..She was living alone and had plenty of room...so we are back in a house again..My wife just turned 81 last July..We have been married 61 years..I married  her in 1946..after WW2...I was in the Navy from Julu 41 to Oct. 45...A.F from Dec 47 to March 31....Long time ago....I had a bad case of shingles when I arrived here in July 2004..Broke out with them in Sept 04...Had them in my head...Lots of pain etc,,,I suggest everyone who is 60 years old should get a shot for them if he or she has had chicken pox as a kid...You can't help me Carl...I guess I just wanted to see who is left in this world....I think the world I knew..no longer exists .....Take care and don't forget the shot...Mel On Jul 14, 2008, at 6:13




27 May 04

I received an E-Mail from Bob.  I wanted to pass it on to all of you.  Hope you enjoy it.

A little history.
I was on one of the first two training crews in ALCS at Ellsworth in 1967 and 1968.
In 1968 I was transferred to Hq Sac as an ALCS instructor to assist the Looking Glass Battle Staff operatorsso they could better use the ALCS.

My wife (Pat) and I lived in Bellevue on Thurston Ave. I worked in the underground in Lt. Col. William Ball’s office in DOCO under the command of General “Dutch “ Huyser.

My recollection is that I flew with the battle staff routinely, probably every thrid day, on average. Working hours in those days was from 0530 to 1530 in the underground, followed by an 8 hour Looking Glass flight ending at midnight.

I left SAC in 1969 (Glen Luck hosted the going away party) and went to work at the National Security Agency. General Huyser’s parting words to me in July 1969 were, “Remember us as friends” which I have always done. These were the best days of my life.

From 1970 to 1975 I was NSA’s representative to the E4-B. I was able to do a lot of significant and helpful work there.....and that is another long story.

Bob Carto

8 Jan 04
    Here is Pete's e-mail and Scotts reply at the SAC Museum concerning EC-135C 63-8049
TO MUSEUM: Scott- Pete was in Omaha visiting recently and was told no real progress on 049 has been made since it was delivered.  Is there something wrong?  There are a lot of folks out here that are curious and somewhat hurt by the inactivity.  What can you tell us? Thanks, Pete

MUSEUM REPLY: Wentzler Pete- Thank you for visiting the Museum. The EC-135 is being maintained at the Museum, but has not been slated for display or additional restoration at this time. Because of the size of the aircraft, additional display space will have to be constructed in order to make it accessible to the public on a daily basis. This was known when the aircraft was brought from the old location to the new facility. As a part of the B-1 Patriot Park that is being developed on 2.2 acres at the Museum entrance, the final phase of this 2M project is the construction of an exterior tarmac to support the EC -135. No timeline has been established for that part of the project, our initial goal is to complete the funding for the restoration and mounting of the B-1 in late 2004. I hope this helps. The EC-135 is a great aircraft, with a terrific story to tell. I look forward to the day when it will be able to be accessible to visitors more regularly. Scott Hazelrigg

Pete (PJ) Wentzler, Sr. <peaguler@hotmail.com>
Clinton, MS USA - Saturday, January 03, 2004 at 13:09:31 (EST)

29 Dec 03
    Hi, I am Hank Carriger I was 4 ACCS from 71-76, 2ACCS from 78-80 and HQ SAC/DOCA from 81-83.

AIRBORNE LAUNCH CONTROL SYSTEM REUNION:  ALCS, OPS, COMM, FLIGHT CREW, RO, RM, APT, PLANS, and others are urged to become a member of AAFM and meet at the AAFM National Meeting in Omaha, NE, 19-23 May 2004.  CONTACT Hank Carriger at 3306 Birchwood Dr, Bellevue, NE 68123 or (402) 292-7757.  E-mail alcs@cox.net.  See AAFM (Association of Air Force Missileers) Announcement for details.See AAFM Announcement for details at www.afmissileers.org).

29 Dec 03
It was a warm day yesterday (28 Dec 03) so I took the motorcycle out for a ride.  I ended up heading to the Strategic Air & Space Museum (those traders).  I was curious to know  the restoration status of EC-135 #049.  As I entered the area, the gate to the outside restoration area was open, so I went in.  I am very sad to report that they have not touched #049.  #049 has been at the museum since Aug 98 I believe.  I have tried to contact the museum by phone, mail, e-mail and have not received an answer to my question, When are they going restore #049.  I ask all of you to call Scott Hazelrigg (402-944-3100 ) and/or E-Mail him at scott@strategicairandspace.com.  I hope that they will get enough calls and/or E-Mail traffic they may respond or start the restoration of #049.


31 Oct 03
    A committee has started work on a 4ACCS reunion for June 11-13, 2004 in Rapid City.  Mark your calendar and contact one of the following to receive more information:
Darrel Sauder sauderdw@aol.com
Wayne Anderson Rapav8r@aol.com
Roy Neal Roy.Neal@erau.edu
Bruce Curington Bruce@BruceCurington.com

Jeff Haverly  JeffHaverlyhrdist35@rap.midco.net
Rapid City, SD USA - Thursday, October 30, 2003 at 16:24:31 (EST)


28 Sep 03   
    There was a problem with the e-mail account.  I had messages from Mike (Logistics) and a person looking for friends from the early 80's, please e-mail me again so I can reply back to you.

I thought I would start a news page for people to keep up with things going on.  If you have a news article that you would like posted, e-mail it to me and I will post it.  CrewDog@2accs.com.

16 June 03
    If you still have a name tag from when you flew on the Looking Glass, the current battle staff folks have a spot for it on their heritage wall.  E-mail me CrewDog@2accs.com and I will give you an address to send it to.

8 June 03   
    On 7 June 2003, some of the Battle Staff members got together for a reunion.  Mike Wise was kind enough to host the event at his house at Chris Lake.  While mostly Planners attended, my self and Tom Missel were present.  It was good to see everyone and hear some of the stories from the days of the SAC ABNCP.  There was discussions of another get together, if you are interested, contact me or Mike Wise mikewise@falconlawn.com.

    Also, the SAC ACCA will be holding the 2004 reunion here in Omaha Nebraska.  For more information on the event, check out their WEB Site.