Companies That Don't Care
Got a company that has wronged you, let us know.

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 If you have had a bad experience with a company and would like to let others know so we may stay away from them, please let us know.


                                          Getzschman/ABC Heating and Air-conditioning
    I had Getzschman Heating and Air-conditioning maintain my system.  It started in the fall of 2003.  I asked for my fall check up to be completed.  I had taken time off from work for my scheduled appointment.  After one hour past their scheduled show time I called the office to find out when the service person was going to show up.  They told me he was running late and he would be there soon.  After another hour, I called the their office again and was told that he would not be able to make it to my house today and needed to reschedule.  So I rescheduled the appointment for another day.  Again I had to take time off from work for the second appointment.  Again, after an hour past the scheduled time, the service person did not show.  No call from the Getzschman to let me know what was going on.  I called them to find out he was running late, surprise.  The service person did show up and performed the check 2 hours after the scheduled time.  About 2 weeks later I received a bill from Getzschman for the Fall/Spring tune up.  This is one fee that covers both.  I had already paid them for this service and had only received the fall check up.  Now I was being asked to pay them again but only having received only one of the two check ups.  I e-mailed the company to tell them about the issues I had with their service for the fall check up and with that and the fact they evidently could not keep their books straight, I requested that I be refunded the unused half, spring check, of what I had paid them and that I did not require their service any more.  I received an e-mail stating they would look into it and they would refund my money.  The next day I received a phone call from the service department wanting to know when they could schedule my spring check up.  I e-mailed the company back and asked why I was called and to also let them know again that I did not require their service any more.  The answer was "I was trying to have them win you back" and that he would have a check sent to me within 8 days, to this date (1 Jan 05), I still have not received my check.  It is my opinion that you stay away from Getzschman/ABC Heating and Air-conditioning.