In Memory of Former Crew Dogs

Donna M. Eipperle
MSgt (Ret)
- Oct 11, 2012
I was sad to hear that Donna passed away, and at a young 51, we will miss you Donna.

Dave Fink
MSgt (Ret)
15 May 1946 - 9 Feb 2012
(Awaitng information)

Dan Gardner
(Awaitng information)

Jerry Egan
USAF (Ret)

- Jun 20, 2011
2ACCS - 1980-1985, 1989-1995
Mark Allen
USAF (Ret)
- Jun 14, 2011

Carter, Mark A.,
Maj. USAF (Ret)
Jun 10, 1959 - Oct 1, 2009
Passed away at Ft. Smith, AR. Born Ellsworth AFB, SD, his 21 years service with the USAF included Navigator on Looking Glass, Offutt AFB, NE, Navigator at Bangor ME; editor of Air Force Torch Safety magazine, Randolph AFB, TX; taught English at the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO. Mark was a graduate of Bellevue High School, the University of Nebraska-Omaha, received a Masters in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He put up a courageous fight against MS for the past 12 years

William T. Snow
(Colonel, USAF, Retired)
I received an E-Mail from his wife Brenda that Bill passed away suddenly on 10 Feb 2005 of a aneurysm.
Brenda, from the 2ACCS and Looking Glass family, our condolences.

Ann F. Billau

(Senior Master Sergeant, USAF, Ret.)

(Getting picture)
I am sad to pass on to all that Ann Billau passed away 6 Dec 03.
Ann trained to be a Post Attack Command and Control Communications  technician.  She was a Student, Qualified Line Flyer, Instructor, Standardization and Evaluation Evaluator, Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the standardization and evaluation section and NCOIC of the In-Flight Maintenance Technicians.  While serving as an in-flight Airborne Radio Maintainer, she logged more than 6000 flying hours aboard the EC-135 "LOOKING GLASS" Strategic Air Command airborne command post and the Commander-in-Chief Pacific "BLUE EAGLE" airborne command post.
    On a personal note, I would like to pass on a memory I have of Ann.  After flying with Ann and knowing her interest in reading and with trains, I ran across a article and picture in the Omaha World Herald of Ann sitting on a flatbed railroad car.  She had told them she had always been interested in trains and felt comfortable at the rail yards relaxing and reading.  The next time we flew together, I pulled out the article and went to the communications compartment.  As normal, she was working away keeping all the equipment up and running.  I tapped her on her shoulder, as she was turning around, I said "Hey, what is a famous person like you doing in a place like this, can I get your autograph please"?  I handed her the article and she laughed.  Ann and I talked a lot on our flights and became good friends.  I am proud to have known her, flown with her, and to have called her my friend.

To her husband Rick, her son Chris, and the family and friends of a former Crew Dog of the
"LOOKING GLASS", Ann F Billau, our condolences, she will be missed!

John Baker
(Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Ret.)

Seen here with Clint Eastwood during the filming of  FIREFOX.

I am sad to pass on to you all that John Baker passed away on 23 May 03.
John Baker joined the 2ACCS family as a SIOP Advisor.  He quickly moved up to take over the SIOP Advisor Branch.  After that he moved up to be the Chief, Battle Staff Operations of the 2ACCS.

Michael P. Anderson (Lieutenant Colonel, USAF)
NASA Astronaut

 In 1986 he was selected to attend Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB, Oklahoma.  Upon graduation he was assigned to the 2nd Airborne Command and Control Squadron (2ACCS), Offutt AFB Nebraska as an EC 135 pilot, flying the Strategic Air Commands Airborne Command Post (SACABNCP) code-named "Looking Glass".

To the family and friends of a former Crew Dog of the "Looking Glass", LtCol Michael P. Anderson, my condolences.  As it is always the case, we never really get to say thanks to someone who took care of us while we flew on the "Looking Glass".  As a pilot, LtCol Anderson ensured we were safe during all phases of the "Looking Glass" mission.  He will be missed.