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During 1962 SAC's Post Attack Command and Control System (PACCS) underwent the first of several major reorganizations, expanding to include three KC-135A auxiliary airborne command post (AUXCP) units and four support squadrons. Beginning in April 1962 AUXCPs were assigned to tanker squadrons based at NAF headquarters of the 2nd AF at Barksdale AFB (913th AREFS, 2nd BW), the 8th AF at Westover AFB (99th AFRES, 22nd BW). The AUXCPs were configured the same as the primary airborne command post and could replace it if and when needed. SAC organized four support squadrons at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, Lincoln AFB, Nebraska, Lockbourne AFB, Ohio, and Plattsburgh AFB, New York, on 20th July 1962, all equipped with Boeing EB-47L radio relay platforms.

To reflect more properly the 'electronic' mission of the airborne command posts and to distinguish them from tankers, on 1st January 1965, all dedicated airplanes not already identified as such were redesignated with an 'EC' prefix: thus KC-135As became EC-135As and the KC-135Bs became EC-135Cs.

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